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Weekly Announcement: June 9

What's on the map for this week:

Monday, June 10

  • Share a past blog post. Make it new and engaging by switching up the image you shared with it. 

Tuesday, June 11 - Offer

  • Share an offer with your audience. It could be a 10% off coupon, or a special on a product or service.

Wednesday, June 12 - Highlight

  • Write about what makes your company special and different from your competitors. Why should someone choose you?

Thursday, June 13 - Testimonial

  • Testimonials can come from anywhere - a card someone sent in, or something someone shared about your business online.

Friday, June 14 - Question

  • Ask your audience a question. Start a conversation. Engage.

Saturday, June 15 - Article Share

  • Share a news story that is related to your business that you think your demographic would like, be interested in, or is important to them.

Sunday, June 16 - Holiday: Father’s Day