Channel Demographics

We get a lot of questions about which social media channels a business should participate in... there are a lot of them, and some might not be right for you. 

So - who is your target audience? Who are your customers? What kind of content do you have or are you planning to create?

Facebook: 79% of online American adults use Facebook. People are used to using Facebook and having businesses with Facebook accounts. It's probably a good idea to have a Facebook page.

Instagram: If you love taking pictures, and your audience is under 30, we definitely recommend Instagram. If you don't want to take a lot of pictures, and your audience is more mature, Instagram might not be for you.  

LinkedIn: Are you looking for B2B sales or connections? LinkedIn is your jam. Do you have a consulting practice, or want to explore thought leadership in your industry? LinkedIn!

Pinterest: Do you have a product that would be great in a party or as a wedding item? Do you have a DIY how-to? Pinterest can be a GREAT platform, if you have the right content.

Twitter: People are still using Twitter... more people than Donald Trump, promise. Twitter is great for sharing content, and for helping customers with issues. Some industries are very active on Twitter - software, technology, news...



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Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. LinkedIn. Pinterest.